Give him one more chance or non renew lease now?

Small Park in Texas. An adult son of a long term tenant has come back into the park to stay with his dad. The problem is I gave the dad tenant a final warning one year ago that the son was not allowed in the park due to prior disturbance problems and if he came back I would not renew the lease.

Should I give him another warning letter because it has been one year since the final warning and the dad has been in and out of the hospital? Or should I just go straight to non-renewal of the lease?

Thank you in advance for the help


What is your definition of a “final warning”. Time and health issues are irrelevant, they have nothing to do with why you gave the ultimatum.
Never give warnings you have no intention of following through on.

Is the son’s return directly linked to the father’s health (e.g. he needs daily care when at home)?

If the son is just being a bum and squatting in the house while dad is at the hospital then I’d work a process to have the son arrested for trespassing on your property rather than non-renew a good tenant’s lease.

Figure out the options afforded to you by an attorney for your state so that you can have those at your disposal for a given situation.

I would hate to see a story in the news labeled something exorbitant like, “MHP Owner Kicks out Longtime Resident with Failing Health.”