Getting Title to Abandoned Mobile Homes

I am doing my due diligence on a park where the owner has several abandoned mobile homes that he has never obtained title for. He is clueless re: the procedure. I put a call into the state Manufactured Housing Association and am waiting to hear back from them, but was wondering:

1 My goal is to keep the mobile homes in the park. Generally, is it required to advertise these homes for sale to the highest bidder, and if so, should I wait till the delinquent rent exceeds the estimated value, so that I can credit bid the delinquent rent & keep the homes.

2 The leases for these abandoned homes were destroyed in a fire. Do I need to get the written declaration or affidavit of the current owner re: the amount of delinquent rent accruing during the time he owned the park.

You need guidance from a licensed attorney on these questions, as if you get any of the details wrong, it will derail the whole effort. Find a decent attorney and let him guide you through the steps on one house, and then you can mirror that paper trail on all future homes. It’s really hard to glean the correct methodology off the internet – and way too risky.