Getting title to abandoned home in Indiana


I had a mobile home owner abandon his mobile home on my lot in my park. I am from Indiana. Somehow in 11 years of being in business I have never had to deal with getting a lost title. I cannnot find the guy or the title and would like to rehab and sell the home. It is a late 80’s 14x70. I actually have a printer copy of the title because i used to own the home and made a copy of the title before I gave it to the guy I sold it to(who is the one who abandoned it) so i have the vin # and everything else thats on the copy of the title.

I talked to the BMV and they said I have 2 options.

  1. Go through their lost title process

  2. Get a court order.

Can someone with experience in Indiana tell me the easiest way to get a title to the home???


Briton (IN)

here is your link. We have done this several times.

Thanks for the response Jim. Its nice to see someone else has done this with sucess.

Yes - we have done it too. You have to follow the steps very carefully and be patient. It helps a lot to have the VIN #. Without it there are several more hoops.


What would be the situation if there are a lot of back taxes that are owed?I have a situation now… we are evicting a tenant and she doesn’t even own the title to the home… She bought it from someone else who didn’t have title and she didn’t care to get the title… lived in there for about 8 years and now is being evicted. What should I do with the title of the home when it becomes abandoned?Sell it without a title and put all the burden on the buyer?  Can I get title of the home without paying the back taxes?

In the counties I do biz in, the township trustee gets a list of each mobile home in the park from the park owner each year. Whether or not it has a title or not. Then gives this list to the treasurer, therefore this home should still of gotten assessed and a tax bill each year. There should be tax records. Check with the treasurer. Give them the address and/or name. It does not hurt to find out what taxes may be due. Maybe the lady paid taxes for several years and it will not be a big deal

The answer depends on the state your in. Every state has its own rules and regs and without a little more info- I would be tossing darts with answers…

Mine is in Indiana also

I am from Indiana and just gave you an answer! Call the Treasurer and find out what is owed! It will not hurt to make the call.Best wishes

Luckily… the evicted tenant sold it to someone else. However I have two other homes that are abandoned and need at least $5k in repairs each. Also there is a lot that is owed on both of them… 2-4 different liens on each with about $4k in liens each.Kinda crazy… so what can I do? I had some people interested in it to buy the homes for around $900 and do the repairs but as soon as they heard there was going to be no title they quickly backed out because they don’t want to fix it up and have the lien holders or title holder take the home back or sell it.

use the link above. I just did it. There are hoops to jump, but I got the title in the mail about a month after sending it in. Lien holders have to be notified, but it sounds like they may not want anything to do with the mess. Just take it a step at a time. You can call in and talk to the state also. The lady I talked to was very helpful. Best Wishes

Based on my username, this question will come as no surprise:It says part of the process in IN is:Proof of Indiana Residency.  Examples include an Indiana driver’s license or ID card, utility bill dated with past sixty (60) days, USPS change of address confirmation, W-2, etc.  Visit for a complete list of acceptable documentsIf ownership is an LLC, I’m assuming the utility bill will suffice?Thanks.

Use the link above and call the state