Getting Offers Accepted Advice

Anyone have advice on getting offers accepted? I recently made an offer on a park which had OK numbers, not great. I made a full asking price offer and the PA I sent them has expired. The broker said that the owners haven’t made a decision yet. Whether or not they are fishing for more money, any advice on how I can get them to either accept my offer or let me know so I can move onto other opportunities? How long should I give them? I want the park but I’m not willing to get played along…
Thanks in advance folks.

We make offers all the time. They go cold and in my experience a lot of owners are lukewarm on selling and enjoy entertaining offers.

Submitting a full asking price offer could have led them to believe that they can do better. I recently ran into this where I thought the asking price was a good deal and would have been happy to buy it at that price. I still submitted an offer for roughly 10% less and with a little more negotiation it got accepted.

Best of luck

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If we are really sure we are looking at a GOOD value we will offer more if it was just listed and during DD lower the offering price–that is what DD is all about. Find issues and problems and then either lower the price or we move on. Tie the property up–we have just seen LOI supersede actual legal contract–and the one with LOI never visited the property and neither the broker–it’s crazy–to many buyers!!!