Getting a title

OK, so help me think this through, if anyone has a moment.Dad died, signed the title for his mobile home over to son but son never transferred title to his name. So it’s still recorded as belonging to the Dad. Son lost the title. No financial POA exists. The DMV (who records titles) says I can pay the county tax $275, march over the the DMV office with that proof of tax and the person of record on the title (or POA) and we can file for duplicate title/transfer title all in one step with the new title coming to me in my name. There is another son, not so “with it” who is living in the home and needs to be evicted for non payment of rent. I know 2 of 4 brothers want to give me the trailer and be done with it. #3 I evicted but I expect he doesn’t care and would still sign over any interest to the trailer. The 4th is the resident who probably wouldn’t mind being able to walk away from it. How could I make this happen with the least amount of risk?  Honestly… trailer isn’t worth much. So risk is probably a relative term. 

I am assuming you are a MHP owner, and that the home sits on your land.  In which case your other option is to take title through an abandoned property process.  That wipes-out all back taxes and puts a clean title in your hand.  Ask your DMV for details of how it works in your state.  Mostly paperwork and waiting about 30 days.  Not that hard usually (CA is different/difficult).Also, search on ‘abandoned property’ here in the forum for other posts on this topic.Best,-jl-

Lori Cooper, our DMV in SC is pretty tough.  We had trouble just getting a Mobile Home Title transferred from a Daughter (with a Deceased Dad & Personal Representative Form).I would suggest the following:1.)  Eviction:  Continue The Eviction Process On All Occupants Until The End2.) DMV:  Send In DMV Form & Fee To Get The Owner’s Name (& Any Lien) On The Mobile Home In Question3.) Letters - Certified & Return Receipt Requested:  Mail Letters To All Owners (& Lienholders)4.) Magistrate:  Start The Abandoned Property Process.  We are in the process of completing the ‘Abandoned Property’ Process on a Mobile Home.We are in the Magistrate Process…waiting for the Magistrate Court Date and the Magistrate Sale.The Magistrate ‘Abandoned Property’ Process has taken about 4 months thus far and will probably be a total of 6 months when all is completed.We wish you the very best!