Georgia Park Owner List?

I purchased a list of Georgia MHP owners from a national list supplier. I just started going through it and quite frankly I have no confidence in it. Do any of you have any recommendations for me?

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Did you use Franks list. He has them for every state.
They are dated and since I live in this state. I am motivated to update his list.

Did you complete his bootcamp? If so, you have access to the archive. I have not you printed that out yet. I am focused on Georgia.

Twiggs Judkins

I have not attended the boot camp so I don’t have access to them. I was unable to find a state agency that had these.

Try calling a local title company. They can usually assist with putting these lists together.

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how was the bootcamp?

Have you tried the Georgia Manufactured Housing Association? The organizers of SECO likely have a list as well as their founder is a Georgia community owner.


Snickfish has a Georgia list – Search Home | Snickfish, LLC

On mobile -->> Scroll down and you will see the US Mobile Home Park list, you can choose by state.
On desktop -->> on the left side, you’ll see US Mobile Home Park Database, same thing. Click the drop down and you’ll see all the states.

Hope that helps!