Gas line replacement

Dominion of Ohio is going to replace all my gas lines in the park this summer. They plan to go down the middle of the roads and then branch off to the occupied lots. However, they won’t do unoccupied lots until homes are sitting on them. The job is slated to take 2 weeks and they say the contractor is responsible for returning everything to the way it was prior to starting work. I will be present at all times.

Has anyone been through this before? If so, what should I be concerned about?



You might want to pay to have the vacant lots done at the same time that the occupied lots get done. This would limit the disturbances in your park and allow you to make proper final road repairs. Also, you would be removing the possibility of delay when bringing in new tenants having to wait on gas line replacements.
Jim Allen

Tried that but Dominion won’t do it unless a trailer is sitting on the lot. Otherwise, when a trailer is on the lot, they say to budget 45 days for them to hook up the gas line. Not a pretty situation.

I have to ask. Did the gas company actually replace all the gas lines on your master meter or did they already own the gas system. That is a real deal. Anyone looking to purchase a park with a Master meter system should keep looking. It is one of the big red flags along with Master meter electric, septic tanks, own wells,treatment plants or propane tanks. We just finished paying $53,000 to have new gas lines installed in a small park and then turning it over to the city. It was expensive but at least now we are all city everything and very easy to operate for investers. Looking for a park that is great but we are selling at a 8,2 % cap. If you want a 10% cap you will pay more in the long run.Grande vista Rv-MH park and storage

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Dominion already owned the gas lines. They have to upgrade them per some new Federal laws. This actually helps with some lots as now I can extend the pads over where the old gas lines are and accommodate longer homes. I am just worried about getting through the entire process.


Had all of the gas lines replaced by ATMOS at two park I own this year. It was quick and did not cause any significant disturbance. They bored underground and reconnected to existing meters which went to each home. As long as they are going to repair the roads properly, I would consider it a park upgrage. I was concerned about a leak and explosion considering the age of the lines at our park.


Meeting them tomorrow. Can’t wait to hear what they have in mind.