Garbage Collection

We have a park with around 60 homes in it currently. There are four dumpsters at various locations in the park which are constantly are source of problems, mainly from the tenants dumping furniture and trash on the ground, or failure to keep doors closed. Also the garbage truck tends to tear up the ground by setting the dumpsters off the graveled areas. We have stopped a lot of the illegal dumping and do have cameras near some of the dumpsters. Remove the dumpsters and make tenants pay for curbside collection? Consolidate all dumpsters to the area where cameras are installed?

If one of your dumpster areas is near the front of the park I would consolidate and put it there (with cameras). I’d only consider curbside collection if you can also have the city maintain the roads.

I have a small park but only one den located at the front even though, with the way the park is set up, it requires those on the back side to carry their trash a good ways. If they ask I say well some people don’t know how to do right so it ruins it for everyone.

thanks for the input…definitely worth a try

thanks for the input

I have three smaller parks <30 spaces, I make trash a tenant responsibility. They’re in semi-rural areas so most just take it to the dump in their own trucks or have their neighbors take it in theirs. Just need to train them to do it often so it doesn’t pile up.

I have one large dumpter at the front of the park by street. I had a problem with tenants and outsiders putting construction waste, tires etc. in the dumpster. I had a camera system put in park and gated the dumpster so only tenants can access it through a walk-in gate. Much less hassle on illegal dumping but not fun to open the gate twice a week at 5AM.

Here’s a link to a podcast which highlights a company that says it can help you save money on trash and come up with creative trash collection ideas. I’ve spoken with several park owners who recently shopped around their trash pickup providers for the first time, and most were pretty amazed by the opportunity for savings which they hadn’t previously realized.

I have a 63 unit park. We have individual cans supplied by the trash collection co. They pick up twice a week. Works well. They do not haul furniture. The tenant must remove this them self.