GacoRoof on a metal roof

I hired a BBB credited, angies list recommended roofing company, and for a metal roof on a trailer that was starting to fail they recommended using GacoRoof, an (expensive) silicon roof coating.Gaco claims the roof coating if properly applied will last 50 years.  I’m surprised and a little skeptical though that I’ve never heard of mobile home owners using this stuff before.  The raw material is pretty expensive, and the company is charging $1000-$2000 for materials and labor depending on the size of the home.Has anyone used or researched this before?  The price is steep, but still cheaper than other options if it really will hold for a long time.

That sounds like a spray applied or roller applied coating. Before you spend money, talk to at least 2 to 3 referrals and go look at an installation if possible. It sounds like it may be a really good product and $1k to $2k per unit doesn’t sound so high. Asphalt shingles on an SFR in CA are usually in the $10k to $20k neighborhood, depending on what is required. Is there any insulation value in this product according to the manufacturer?

Jim Allen

I don’t see any reference to an insulation value for the product: to a normal roof coating $1-$2k is very expensive, but compared to a new rubber or metal roof its pretty affordable.