FYI, Park expanison costs

For anyone out there wondering what it costs to expand a park, here is what we just completed. my park is 6+ acres with 26 current lots on about 2 acres. it has city water and sewer. we sought to expand 16 additonal lots, all in a row. the city approved the plan and i got bids for water and sewer and electric service. i paid 15k for water and sewer lines and meters. the meters will be installed after the homes are brought in because of all the copper and brass theft. for electric, i paid 16k for 200 amp electric service including power poles and smaller poles for every 2 units. later, we will grade a road. we even got the utility company to come down a bit on their price. all inspections were passed and we were there to make sure correct schedule of pipes were used. in additon, the city will allow another 30+ lots.

some things to consider, housing is in a big slump and construction people are not too busy. that really helped my price along with paying cash. my park is located in middle georgia, between macon and savannah.

just thought anyone might be curious about costs