Fundamental difference in thinking

Back In January a tenant asked to borrow $50 so he could put a down payment on a used car…I know what else is new. His car would no longer pass inspection and he was in desperate need of another one. The fact that the inspection station told him in 2007 that his car would not pass “next year” did not inspire him to plan for the impending need for another. Well contrary to trailer park belief I am not a bank, so I offered a solution. I would buy his old junker for the $50, He quickly agreed and hapily went off to buy his “new” car. Well it has been snowed in until last week. So saturday we drive down to check on the park and pickup our junk car. We get home and I take pics and list it on craigslist for $200 as a non registerable demo derby car. I had 15 phone calls and sold it sunday full price. I boggles my mind. Could he not see the opportunity, or does he (and others) lack any motivation at all!?

this actually vividly depicts (I know put the scrabble away) my business model. I amke my money solving problems others don’t want to tackle.

One example for me lately was we sold a home from the retail lot last week for 24K delivered and set. The buyer was told we don’t pull permits, but will assist in the process. He offered me 400 to PULL his permit. I had my secretary pull the forms online, I went out and measured and did site plan and I had secretary take packet to county…time 2.5 man hours!!! for $400!! Threw vicky (secretary) $50 and we were all happy. Homeowner could have done this in maybe 3 hours…WOW!

Another example is a neighbor wanted me to rent his 3 bed d/w for him. Took my zero turn over spent an hour mowing and weed eating, put up a $6 FOR RENT sign and rented the home Sunday. Rented for 700 per month, got first, last and 400 deposit. My agreed take? Last month rent…

Thereare so many examples…my partner and I agree that people will pay almost anything to avoid work ofany kind.

Don, the reason your tenant didn’t do what you did is IT REQUIRED ACTION. you had to take a digital pic, place a craigslist and answer inquiries…work in oother words. I don’t even wonder at it any more…it’s a fact of life in this business. We make huge money doing things others refuse to do and I’m oK with that



Greg, I love it. Classic entrepreneur, find a need, fill a need, make a buck. Different than government, which is find a need, claim to fill the need, make things worse, create more need, get a bigger budget.

All, I have a buddy who deals with MHP tenants quite a lot. He’s frequently heard to say of tenants "I would never do THAT, with “that” usually being some dishonest or boneheaded move by a tenant that frustrates or annoys him. My inevitable reply - “Dude, that’s why YOU don’t live in a trailer!”.

I have been doing this stuff since grade school. But it still amazes me that in this economic climate people still refuse to do anything extra to help themselves out. Maybe it’s because the media tells them every day that it’s not possible to better their lives by themselves and the GOVERMENT’S job is to make their lives better AAGGGHHH! And now congress is going to select a few citizens and tax them at 90% if that is not socialism what is? Still I’m going to continue to seize opportunities to make money no matter how small, it’s so much fun.