Anyone for sharing their frugal living/operating ideas?

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I have to say I am trying but not quite there yet.

  1. Buy what you need not want but within the budget. Always have plan of what to buy and stick to it. Live a simple life don’t carry too many things you don’t need or only use once or twice.

  2. Walk or ride or use public transportation instead of driving in order to save gas.

  3. watch your utilities; turnoff elec if no-one in a room, save water don’t over water your yard especially if it a rainy day

  4. use coupons, negotiate reduce of credit card interest, buy only auto insurance coverage that you need

  5. watch your health; eat healthy balanced food(avoid fried food especially with used cooking oil, high fat, high sodium, burnt meat like BBQ); exercise regularily. This will save time, money, pain in the long run.

  6. Find simple ways to relax and enjoy your life without spending or buying meterial things; like walking in a park, potluck with good friends instead of eating out weekly etc.

  7. learn and be smart investors

  8. don’t have too many girlfriends(just kidding)…lol

I am sure others will have more.

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Eat way lower on the food chain. Not a vegetarian but have cut out most meat from my diet and pretty much all beef. The difference in both my food bills and weight have been beyond anything I ever expected.

I have this funny feeling subjects such as this are going to be a lot more common.


Since I am very interested in health, as we get older, our digestive system is slowly wearing down, so we must eat less food, eat more vegie, fruit, fish. Meat/beef is not good as they are acid base, creating more toxic in our system. Imagine leaving a steak versus some vegie outside for a few days,; which one will decompose more, it’s the steak right. The longer meat is in our system, the more toxic it builds (cancer potential), based on my doctor.

And the big one is try to reduce stress. I know because I have stomach inflammation probably due to stress and diet.

Put away more money in 401K, IRA besides other investments are crucial.

I thought of something else that really saved me a ton of money last winter.

I only used about 250 gallons of fuel oil for the entire winter in NE Ohio. This is in a 3/2 DW I rent. Aside from an almost worthless fireplace in the living room, the single most important factor in using so little energy was a programmable thermostat. These things are amazing! I programmed it to bring on just enough heat to be OK when I am here and then just warm enough (45) to keep the pipes from freezing when I was gone. The device cost me about $70 but I probably saved more than that in just the first month I used it.

I remember sitting in a pub in London a few years ago in January complaining to a buddy about how cold my room was. His response was, “Put on a sweater, mate.” At a time when it costs over $1,000 per fill-up of my oil tank, this is advice I am putting to use.


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I am all about saving money here and there. Some people “get their fix” by shopping and buying new things, but for me when I get a good deal on something that is more fulfilling for me than spending