Fraudulent Investment Company using MHPS info

I received a telephone call from an AT&T Operator from a person using the Relay system where the operator tells you what the person is saying and you don’t hear the persons’ voice. The person who called claimed he was from Moritz Investments and saw that I was looking for an investor through MHPS. He had my name and knew I had attached a Business Plan with my investment request. It sounded legitimate at first, and I asked him to call back on Monday so we could speak further. The first inkling I had that this was not a legitimate investor was when the person started asking if he could call me on my personal line and/or chat with me on the computer because I had the voice of an angel. I ended the call and later received an email which I attached to this thread. I did a little research and found there are several complaints of fraud on this company. The only reason I am relaying this information to you, is that the person used MHPS as a cover and I thought you should know. The company is Moritz Investments UK. They claim they also have an office in Seattle, WA. The two names they use in the email are Frank Biggs and Thomas Chip. MHPS has a great name in the industry and it makes me mad that someone would use your site that way.