Franks Comments on Carl

As per your investigation your facts are fabrications and thus continue your enjoyment of shut-up or put-up as to your civility. I am an owner-operate of retirement properties with marinas not exactly your regular run of the mill junk yard. Thanks for trying to make me look questionable as really I am here to balance partially the views of owner-operators and the OTHER WAY to make a great living owning exceptional properties in RURAL AREAS as you think being close to Wal-Mart headquarters is remote. YES I ENJOY MY RESIDENTS— ONE YOU YOUR FIRST commandments THAT IS TERRIBLE FOR AN OWNER TO break. I for one can enjoy MONEY and still enjoy my residents (customers to you). Like I have say 180 degrees different and I have also say I will cast NO STONES on your way just try to comprehend another voice in the wilderness of sanity. Please send the ANGRY e-mails to ME that are so blandly incorrect as to park operations.

Carl,I have no problem with any of the above – just please refrain from bashing me or my properties, that’s all I ask.I am all in favor of having as many different viewpoints on the forum as possible, and I have never owned a mobile home park with a marina so you definitely know a thousand percent more about that niche than I do.

I am new to MHP investing and have been reading this forum
for awhile.  I did attend the Boot Camp
several months ago in Seattle, WA, and it was the BEST money I ever
spent!!  Highly recommend to anyone who
wants to learn more about MHP investing.  
They also have weekly calls and special topic webinars for anyone that
wants to learn to ask questions. 

I like Frank’s business approach on MHP investing.  It’s a business model that works. Business is
all about LEVERAGE, leverage your money, your experience, your time!  I am not against the Owner-operating, but
how many parks can you own if you try to operate yourself?! 

Best Wishes!