Frank to handle tenant feuds?

I have 3 families in my park that have a feud going. 2 of the families are related and gang up on the 3rd family.( The kids of the 2 families shoot out windows with BB guns…do graffiti…threaten to beat up kid of 3rd family, bounce their basketball frequently off their house,etc.) I took Frank’s advice and have stayed out of it. After approximately 8 visits by the police I can see that ducking the problem isn’t going to work.The cops say they really can’t do much because the kids are minors The family who is being ganged up on wants to get out of their purchase contract and move. The two instigator families own their homes.

All 3 families are current on rent. If I had to choose I’d get rid of the instigator families. In Washington state getting rid of tenants who don’t pay

isn"t that hard but getting rid of tenants on 30 day notices is horse of a different color. Because these kids of the two families are frequently unsupervised …I’m wondering if getting child protective services involved would help. I guess I’m going to have to put out a blizzard of 30 day notices and go to court for the eviction. Does anyone know if Washington law allows the " non-renewal of lease" for mobile home tenant ?

P.S. I believe the kids of the two families are also responsible for various acts of vandalism in the park but have not been able to catch them red handed.