Frank & Dave's...Short Film..."The Truth About Trailer Parks"


  • Frank & Dave are making a short film titled:
    “The Truth About Trailer Parks”

As per the email from Frank and Dave they are making a short film about “The Truth About Trailer Parks”.

Frank & Dave are asking for your help to show that:
“Mobile Home Parks are not a problem but a solution to the affordable housing crisis”.

This is fantastic!

Thank you Frank ( @frankrolfe ) & Dave!

In our Turn-Around Mobile Home Park we have recently been blessed with two, new Tenants who purchased Mobile Homes. These Tenants are in the process of transforming their MHs.

These new Tenants are skilled tradesmen who are taking older Mobile Homes (1971 & 1980ish) and really renovating them.

I was talking to one of the new Tenants and their skilled trade is installing Granite.

This new Tenant recently purchased a 1971 12x56 Mobile Home in which they installed Granite in the Kitchen.

Just last week my Husband had the opportunity to view the inside of this Mobile Home and he said that it was gorgeous.

The other new Tenant asked for the Granite installer’s name because he was getting bids on installing Granite in his Mobile Home.

Wow, would the public really believe that there are Mobile Home Owners who install Granite in their homes?

However, the reality is that there are a lot of hard-working individuals who live in Mobile Home Parks. These individuals desire to better themselves and their family.

Thus, it is fantastic that Frank & Dave are helping to show the “good”/“great” of Mobile Home Parks.

If you have some “good”/“great” to show, Frank & Dave have some prizes.

We wish everyone the best with their Mobile Home Parks!