Frank & Dave Show listeners

 Please allow me to vent a little. To the listeners of the Wednesday call in show that can’t follow the conference call instructions, please stay on mute until you are ready to speak. I really don’t care to hear you typing on the keyboard, kids screaming, toilet flushing, cutting wood, driving in your car, jogging with phone in your pocket, talking to others or like the last show, screaming at your wife telling her “what Frank’s all about”. Frank is gracious enough to give an hour of his time each and every week to answer our questions so give him and the others wanting to learn/comment the courtesy and opprotunity to have discussions in a professional manner. I know it probably only a few people but I just felt compelled to say something to keep my sanity :)Thanks!

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Amen, brother.  Personally I think F&D need to use a conference service that identifies who the offenders are by monitoring the input from their line, and then simply block/ban that number from ever calling-in again.  OK, maybe we warn them once before banning them.UberConference has this functionality…My 2 cents worth,-jl-

We are working on getting this functionality setup. It’s a matter of Frank being able to control it. He should have the info to control future calls correctly. Uber Conference doesn’t support more than 100 callers and we have well over that on each call.

I am unable to log in it’s April 14. please help with log in code

Send me a PM or email and I can assist!