Foremost Insurance

Is Foremost Insurance the best insurance for mobile home insurance in terms of rates? Coverage?

I guess it depends on the state you are in. Foremost was not price competitive at all in NC for me. Farm Bureau was 1/3 the price. Ryan Needler gave me this Farm Bureau agents # 828 437-0411. He was fast and very price competitive.

Rick Ewens

Has anyone spoke to the insurance agencies listed in the resourceS section of MHU?

Also, my MH’s are within 50 miles of the Gulf Coast. I plan on adding many more. Foremost did not even bat an eye that my MH’s are near the coast but I do not know if I am getting competitive rates. Foremost is writing a policy on each MH. I would like to have one policy so that I could add on to each time instead of going through all of the information AND A VOLUME DISCOUNT WOULD BE GREAT.

I am just looking for your comments on the various insurance companies that you have dealt with.