Foreclosure, please help

I am the manager of a park that is being foreclosed on. I didn’t know it was coming, and the company sent people in today to take all of the files and papers out of the office today while I was not home (Office is in my home). I found out that there was a receiver assigned Yesterday (Thursday morning). There has been an ongoing sewage issue, where the county, who runs the sewage plant that the park is connected to, has decided to not renew their service agreement with the park, and the park filed an injunction to keep service on until other means were taken care of, but I found out today that the park owners filed to have a hearing to dismiss the injunction. The park is scheduled to change hands to this receiever this coming week, as early as Monday.

I am worried for the families in the park, as well as my own, as we live on site, and are worried about losing our jobs as well.

I don’t know what to expect from the receiver, and could use some pointers and information from people who may have dealt with this type of situation before. Any information will be helpful, thank you.