For Some and Not for Others

As usual, I post about something which has nothing to do with the M.H. business as far as those are concerned whose life and business exists in an oxygen–, maybe even carbon–ccfree vacuum bubble somewhere in space. I find it just too challenging to comment about an efficient method to tackle a diaper- filled toilet and a waste line. The people with whom my (very limited) mind can communicate know that philosophy (politics is a subheading of ethics), macro- and microeconomics are the major externals that challenge their business daily. On Dec. 3, 2008, Scott St. Aubin, (His last post, that I am aware of), outlined his assessment of the time, his prognosis for the future, and his preparation to meet his perceived challenges. I have not spoken with Scott, but I speculate – I dare hypothetically to assume – that he rearranged his business plans by eliminating his least lucrative assets, legally separated his most desirable assets from some less so, retained his favorable, long term loans (especially on his home), downsized and watches his golden eggs. If he accumulated some precious metals at the time, his Au coins have increased by more than fifty and his Ag stash gained more than one hundred percent. I also presume that his larder and his woodshed, as well as those of his friends, Tony and Ryan, are well stocked as we weather the Kondratieff winter within the Fourth Turning (Strauss and Howe 1997) with confidence. It would be most interesting to be privy to their preparations and plans, but then I know that such are very private affairs.