Well I thought this ws going to be a good year. We just had very severe thunderstorms rumble thru IN. Our trailer park was flooded and evacuated. We are not allowed at this time to enter the park to assess the damages due to the flooding. I have contacted our insurance carrier and will see what happens. I think that several of the trailers probably were partially submerged. Any advice on cleanup or how to deal with the insurance companies? Anyone want to buy a trailer/houseboat?

I hope that I am wrong, but I doubt your insurance will cover flood damage (unless it was federal flood damage policy) Mold/ mildew prevention is the goal Cut belly insulation open so as to air out/dry out floors - you will probably need heaters under home. lots of flooring repair to follow. If water was on walls cut off wall board at 30" remove wallboard & insulation (repair with wainscote)