Flatbedding a mobile home vs. towing (rolling) one?

Hello. I am moving a a few mobile homes approximating 130 mile. The mover quoted me $3,000 to tow each home. One of the homes cannot be towed so I"m having it flatbeded. The cost to flatbed is $500!! Is there any reason that I shouldn’t flatbed all of the homes?? It would be quite a substantial savings.

$500 to haul a home 130 miles doesn’t sound right. Are you sure there isn’t a misunderstanding on the price?

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I thought so too. I will verify in person tomorrow. Any idea on how much it should cost? What are your thoughts on the cost to tow? I believe the quote was $2,800 and not the $3,000 that I originally stated.

Is it $2,800 just for transport or does that include prep to move (skirting/tires/axles/tongue/etc)?

Just transport. Everything else is extra (aprox $7,500 for the rest including set up)

The only issue I see is height restrictions. Best to insure the transport company has applied for dept. of highways permits and that they have an approved route.
Does it include a crane to off load the home or are they using a self lowering flatbed trailer.


It may save you in one way and cost you in another. Is the other driver, who would tow rather than flatbed, be doing the set up in the additional price you mentioned of $7500ish or is that a totally separate company on top of the transpo? There are guys in Florida that package deal the whole thing, that’s why I am asking.

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I commend you for your creativity. Flatbedding is a clever alternative. Please let us know if it worked, and give feedback on the outcome.

$500 wouldnt cover fuel cost for a flatbed let alone oversize permits, insurance etc.

So it turns out that the $500 quote was wrong! I got a real quote and it was closer to $3,000.

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I have moved a few homes as far as 350 miles and on the longer trips I was paying $8 per mile, on shorter trips the per mile cost tend to be higher