First Mobile Home Park Under Contract

I am currently going through all of the steps on the purchase of my first mobile home park. I want to thank Corey, Steve, Blake and all the people who share information on this web site. The information has been my guiding light in moving through my purchase of this 150 space park. I have attended 2 Mobile Home Millions Conferences, and the Bootcamp over the last 10 months. I dont know if I could place a value on what the knowledge gained, connections made, and DOLLARS( $$$$$$) saved is worth. If there is anyone seriously wanting to buy a park that is on the fence about attending one of these conferences or a bootcamp you need to get off and go. Thanks Again Rick Ewens


Thanks for the kudos! We can’t wait until you have your first mobile home park! Then it will be onto the second… third… and then the empire will be created! :slight_smile:

I think that the mobile home park investors (both seasoned and newbie) are the best people of all asset classes (I might be biased but I truly believe this!) Everybody is so willing to help each other and always willing to lend a hand/ear). I think that there are many people that have created this safe, helping environment including Lonnie Scruggs, Ernest Tew, Steve Case, Greg Meade to name a few. We now have a new class of freshman :slight_smile: that are experiencing great success and willing to help others as well… Fred Blake, John/Daphne Lowe, and many others!

Our end game is that we are all financially independent and having a blast doing it. We all wake up in the morning love what we are doing, celebrating the successes, and helping each other through the challenging times!

What a great asset class and some AMAZING people!

I could not imagine doing anything else!


Let me know when you are at the point of reviewing your insurance needs. I own a park and also work for an independent insurance agency, that specializes in providing coverge to park owners. We have a number of A+ carriers who are extremely competitive and have saved park owners thousands over the years.

You are making a great investment and as you can see, there are a number of great people you can e-mail or call for answers to almost any question.

Jay Zandman

Manning & Nozick Insurance Agency

800-211-0468 ext 117

Hi Jay,

I am currently in negotiation on my first park as well. I will contact you as we progress to the point of insurance needs. Thanks to this site we have gained the confidence to move forward. What a bunch of great people!!