First MHP Under Contract!

Hello Everyone,

We just put our first MHP under contract! I’ve done single-family investing in the past, but this will be the first MHP. I’ve read Lonnie’s books, Steve and Ernest’s program, and attended the event in Anaheim, CA (which was GREAT by the way!). I’ve done my homework and really feel comfortable in getting my first park purchased and turned around. I’ve looked at over 50 parks, made offers on 3, had 2 accepted

Thanks guys, great comments! Bret, I checked and it looks like tenants are responsible for the propane. Great comment on mobile home taxes, I’ll be sure to investigate that further.

Karl, yes, we did chat for some time in Anaheim. I would very much like to speak with you and will send you an e-mail with the full package so we chat further - thank you!



Way to go! I am so proud that you “pulled the trigger”! Each one gets easier! You will definitely provide inspiration to those sitting on the fence! I look forward to hearing more of your successes!