First Day on the Job

I’ve been in Ohio since Monday getting my first deal going.

In some strange way I’m enjoying this. Probably because I know I’m leaving Sunday and don’t have to be here every day.

The day AFTER we closed I had a tenant tell me their sewer was backed up. Come to find out it was a collapsed line. Clay tile pipe. There was raw sewage coming out from under the trailer. As I am standing next to the trailer practically dry heaving my newely hired park manager gets down and crawls through it. Says, “He**, I’ve crawled through worse sh** than that.” Didn’t phase him. No question about keeping him on as the manager and maintanance man.

I had a few bids to get it fixed. From $4500 to $6500. I was thinking this was a crappy first day. BUT I remembered a few things I learned from the bootcamp. One was not to panic when this kind of stuff happens. I almost bit the bullet and just told them to do it. Then I remembered and thought well it obviously hasn’t bothered them for the last month what’s one more day. It’s not like anything is on fire.

So I thought about it overnight and by the morning had another plan. We rerouted a line and just bypassed that old pipe.

Total cost. Less than $450

So my bootcamp price and all my books paid off on the first day.

Dave and Frank and Jim and all your behind the scenes people.


PS if you want me to write that up for a testimonial let me know.