Firing Manager that lives in POH

I bought a park and the manager lived in a double that is owned by the park. Ive let this manager go and instructed them to move but now I’m lost in how to do it.? Just run a standard eviction? there is no lease just a employement contract saying the home is part of the employement. any ideas

Read your state landlord tenant regulations first. There should be a specific section regarding termination of managers. There may be a MHP section if not then the regulations regarding apartment managers should be the same.
If they refuse to leave after being terminated then you will need to evict the same as with any other tenant.

Moving forward give a time limit for the next managers you have in place. Mine for example has 2 weeks to get out when employment terminates by choice or by force, as well as a no further allowed on property owned by my company clause.
Proper eviction proceedings will probably be your route assuming you have given them written notice to vacate and state standard guidelines for move out as if it was eviction termination. Never do it verbal. Always keep a copy and date and time stamp everything you hand out to everyone. Give them a reasonable time to move. If they have been there a while, 20-30 days is sufficient to get out if its not on paper anywhere. If you are quazi-amicable with a time line, they are less likely to cause you further home damage because they are still in there, they could cause a lot of damage.

I’m gearing up to go through the exact same situation with a manager of four years.

In the termination letter I’m planning on giving the manager 30 days to vacate with free rent, and a $750 payment for thank you for her service when she vacates provided the house is orderly and clean. The manager is high drama so I figure it’s better to bribe her and leave in goodish terms than gamble that something weird could happen. We’ll see how it goes.

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Have you and your former employee had the “talk?” The one where you set expectations and form an agreement about timelines and what needs to happen (with a lawyer drawing up some paperwork)… If not, I would suggest doing that first before getting too worked up.

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