I am interested to see what rules some park owners may have in regards to fireworks. I have a park that is set next to the lake and has a history of people using the park as weekend gettaways. Its like a mobile home park that acts somewhat like campground. There has been fireworks used in the past and I am thinking about making some rules regarding them. I assume most large park operators ban them? I thought about banning them anytime but July 4th weekend. Or mabye banning certain types. I dont excactly want to be banning sparklers here, but feel that the issue should be addressed.

Thanks for any input!

Briton (IN)

Fireworks and irresponsible idiots go hand in hand.

Do you have anything that could burn, buildings, grass, trees etc. if so then ban all fireworks.

Trying to enforce a partial ban is impossible so either ban all fireworks or none. But keep in mind you will eventually have a fire of some degree if you allow any at all.

What does your insurance agent say? The insurance company for the park is going to have some pretty definite ideas about this topic.