Fired Employee Arrested Yesterday for Torching Supply Shed

I purchased a park 2 months ago out of state & have been living there while cleaning it up. 1 week ago, I returned to my home, firing a drunk employee just prior to leaving. I got a call yesterday from the police that they have a witness to that employee coming of the fenced in supply area just prior to the shed and all supplies catching on fire. They arrested him.

The issue is: he lives in a POH with a woman who is not his wife. How do I get him out ASAP. I don’t believe the woman was involved. IE: Do I go for eviction or restraining order or both. Any advice would be appreciated.

In cases like this, you need to consult 1) the police department and 2) a competent local attorney. There may be options other than straight eviction in this case, and they will know what they are. Clearly, you would be crazy to treat the guy as just another tenant who needs to be removed – he is a real threat and needs special handling. Unfortunately, I don’t know the laws in that state on what your options are to immediately remove him from the property, but I guarantee that the police and a lawyer will.

Welcome to the insanity.



when we bring on our managers we do not sign a lease. We switch to a manager employment contract, and one option is they can be required to vacate the property within 24 hours.