Fire pits - do you allow them? Rules?

Lately people have been putting in fire pits. They either buy a fire pit from a box store or dig a hole and line it with bricks. They have a screen cover. On one hand people don’t have much in the way of small pleasures living in a park. I hate to ban them. People are quiet and enjoy it. The fire marshal looked at one and said he had no problem with it. On the other hand, a couple of residents have complained about the smoke from their neighbors fire pit. There is an old guy with emphysema who doesn’t like the smoke coming in his window. The pit is about 40 ft away. Most of the lots in the park are large 55 x 115 to 75 x 150. I could say the pit has to be located x feet from a neighbor’s house or it is not permitted on that lot. I haven’t checked with my insurance company as yet. What is your policy on fire pits.