Finding Title Info for Old 1970's Home

Does anyone have any tricks for hunting down title info for a 1970’s era home when it is not registered with the state in which it’s currently located? Home is located in New Mexico and I’ve checked with the DMV but they don’t have any records for the engraved serial number we pulled off the frame. I also checked with the tax assessor an amazingly they don’t have any title info on file either. Is there a way to do a more national search to see if the home may have been registered in a different state?

What you talked to Snickfish yet?

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Good suggestion. I just reached out, will let the forum know if it works :+1:

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Hey Keith, how did Snickfish do? I am about to use them to obtain some titles…

We ended up not using them. They were good to work with upfront, and were honest that they would likely not be able to help us towards a resolution in this case.

My suggestion is to halt the title search and get a new title and new VIN using the state’s abandoned home process.