Finding quality property Managers

HI there,

I have been having a hard time finding quality managers (single or couple). I am looking to fill a position(s) for my park in New Mexico. Can anyone suggest a reputable job board where I can post or find good people with experience managing a park? It would be nice if it included a feature where the applicant posts a resume or consents to a back round check. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

One investor that I know said he had good luck with

Maybe he just got lucky, but I met this manager and I was impressed. is an excellent national job board to use. The local will work well for this pay scale.

You’d be better off to hire your manager from within the current tenant base. You really need to have that warm body in the park who knows what’s really going on. Take the time to train them properly. I would also suggest you document the training very well because you will have employee turnover. This will help with retraining someone new. In any event, the majority of the management issues in parks is due to poor training. The job is a simple one as long as you can properly convey to them what you expect out of a manager and you also need to do your part by confirming they are doing their job and providing retraining where needed.

Don’t be adamant that the manager have prior mobile home park experience. That’s really hard to find. Probably only 10% of our park managers have ever managed a park before. Fortunately, park management is not that hard to master, and has a very small learning curve.