Finding Parks to Work With

Hi Everyone,

When looking for a mobile home park to work with to do “Lonnie” deals, is it best to visit the park manager in person? Or, has anyone had success using the telephone?

Just wanted to see what approach has worked for everyone. Thanks for your help!


rachel, have you read Deals On Wheels?

The Lonnie Deal business is a people business. You need face time with a PM. These people are dealing, every day, with people near the bottom of the residential food chain, and all of their problems. They have heard every excuse, every con, every scheme, every week. You call a PM on the phone as an initial contact, you will get shut down pretty quick.

I would recommend that you hop over to the competitor’s site and do a archive search of “talking to park manager” - years’ worth of info there

I own a park in Texas. i have a great onsite manager. If you are in Texas we can arrange face time. Send me an email if you are interested.