Finding Parks Through Direct Mail

Hi All,

I wanted to let you know I have had great results so far by sending a cheap postcard to owners of MHPs in my target market. I have gotten 7 responses so far. While this costs about $500, it is a good use of my time and I’m very optimistic that it will generate good results. Good luck, Peter


I am doing similar thing but using letters cost $.49 each, sent out may be 80 letters, but only had 1 response so far. What did you write on your postcards that helped increase the responses? Did you use a company to do this and pay $500?

I just recently found this forum. Lots of great information. If you are interested in direct mail I would check out some of the other industry sites. I just got in on a nationwide mailing with one of the competitor’s and it only cost $.15 per piece plus about $.5 per flyer to have them printed. I am expecting a good result. I was told that they plan on doing it again later this year. I will let you know what kind of response I get from it.


Anyone have suggestions of how to obtain a list of parks in a given area, say 100 mile radius of a given point. I was recently in my childhood hometown, an area I would consider purchasing a park as a absentee/owner. I found a website listing a number of parks (53 in my home county). I began punching the addresses into my gps and went to find these parks only to find that over half the addresses were “unfound” the ones the gps found brought me to addresses that were not mhp’s. Any suggestions?

i was wondering what that company was for the maier at .15 cents


It was mobilehomeparkstore. I have started to get some calls back. No deals yet but I think I will get something.



I know Frank and Dave have the list of 44k parks. Maybe you can purchase it from them. If you need only park name and address, you can get the list from