Finding MHP owner in Santa Clara county in CA

I am interested to learn about some MHP in my area and contact the owner as you suggest in your book to see if they are willing to sell. I looked in Santa Clara Assessor division and cannot find any park owner details or any details on park only details on separate units in the park.

Any advise how to find some financials on the park and details of owner?

You were in the wrong part of the Assessor’s Department. You just need to find the real estate assessor (not the car/boat/RV/mobile home assessor). Believe me, every property has a registered owner. The government must get paid their taxes…!


Thank you Jefferson. I found the mailing address through Real Estate Search but not owner details. Any other ideas?

The County Assessor will have a name as well as address. Somebody/something has been paying the property taxes. The name may be an S-Corp, or LLC (or Land Trust if the owner is really smart), but the Assessor will have a name of some sort. If corporation of some sort, you can then trace the owners through the Secretary of State’s Office. (Land Trusts are untraceable to the actual owner - but you will be able to find the name and address of the Trustee of the Land Trust).

Another way to come up with the owner’s name/number is to call the local county inspectors (fire, health/safety, zoning, etc.). Often these people know the owner of the property - especially if the property has been cited for any sort of issue. And California inspectors in particular are often ‘on-steroids’ about citing property owners of all sorts for supposed violations, so they probably know the owner (or at least the owner’s attorney…!).

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Go to a title company ask to talk to the customer service department. Then request a Property Profile on the address. I think you will be impressed by the data they give you for free.

I usually use Chicago Title for that, but I think they all pretty much do the same thing.