Finding manager/ rehab crew for a Turn around park

I am closing on a park in Anderson IN this Monday Jan 6th.

It is a turn around park that needs baby sitting.

I am looking for an on site manager. There is one park resident that does handy man work, collect rent, send out notices. No qualification to do any further work.

  1. The park greeter would not be sufficient for this project. I need somebody

to oversee the rehab of vacant homes and take calls from prospective tenants/show rental homes/rent homes/ help with marketing. How do you find qualified park managers?

I talked to a contractor that specialize on Mobile Homes to rehab vacant homes. He gave prizing for water meter installation which was around 500/lot. The contractor seems too busy, I need to get water meters installed ASAP.

  1. How can I find other contractors to install water meters / rehab vacant homes for Anderson IN.

Anderson IN have about 13 parks in the city. I expect to find manager/rehab crews. I will appreciate suggestions on where to look, who to call instead of randomly calling construction companies out of yellow pages or online advertising (which I did and got companies that do not understand how MHP work/need). Calling other park owners did not work very well either.



In a perfect world (ha, ha), you’d find your manager from within the park, and this person you’d identify because their home would likely be one of the nicest in the park.

It sounds like your park may be a bit below that threshold of having caring/responsible tenants. So your plan should be to renovate those homes and perhaps bring in a few newer homes and that way attract a better-quality resident who can end up being your manager. You might even advertise for ‘Property Manager Needed - We Provide Free/Discounted Housing.’ That way your next tenant will also become your manager. It’ll help to have a ‘marquee’ home to attract a quality person.

To bridge from here to there, we’ve had good luck advertising in CraigsList for a ‘part time General Contractor - perfect job for retired person.’ You can often find responsible retirees, with computer skills (sending you update photos, etc.), who will take on a job like this for 6 months.

Good luck, and welcome to the insanity, (:P)


$500/lot for water meters is way too high for a park. Send me a note and I can recommend a couple good firms.

There are lot of firms who would want to renovate a park. Call some neighbour park owner, they might help you.

Sites like have a place where you can list what you are seeking and couples or individuals like myself can contact you with resumes. There is also Yes you will need a company to install meters and such but these people can rehab, fill, landscape and over see the contractors and leave you with a lot less headache.

That’s the point of what we do. We help property owners, take care of all the issues that they really don’t care for. We have construction experience, customer service experience, security/ law enforcement experience. We also monitor the web for reviews and public image. All of it compiles to your brand and you want to have a successful business. People like me and my fiancé we need you investment to be a success because if it fails we are once again looking for work.

Good luck in your search.


can you private email. Do you live in Anderson IN? Would be interested in the property management position?



We recently hired a manager who had experience with apartments and she is working out fairly well. Since there are lots of apts you have a larger market to draw on - people who may be looking for a change (and place to live for free or half price).