Finding land suitable for MHP?

What’s the best way to locate land that is zoned for mobile home park use? I’ve seen videos for GIS maps but seems like a lot of counties don’t implement it well.

Seems to me that each city/county handles their GIS information differently. There are some basics (parcel lines, parcel ownership, flood maps) but zoning information is hit or miss. In the past I have approached this by picking an area I want to work in, checking their GIS, and then going to the zoning maps for each jurisdiction. Probably not the most efficient but its an approach.

Zoning is the first hurdle, but look for sanitary sewer too. Water can be brought to a parcel relatively easily (I didn’t say cheaply) but sanitary is tougher. If you find an area you like, you can sometimes check a city’s future land use map that shows where water and sewer have already been extended.