Finding good dependable contractors

I don’t know if this happens to you, but I am looking for dependable contractors. I live in a 150K+ MSA, but contractors are expensive and limited. Does anyone have any tricks or tactics that they’ve found to find good workers? I’ve managed to find 2 older fellas, but the majority of guys will work for a bit and then become SUPER undependable. Here are my thoughts:

  1. Become more handy myself. (not really scaleable)
  2. Have my 2 guys train a team of newer younger guys.
  3. look for workers out of state.
  4. Go to a spanish speaking church
    I’m sending out an SOS. Any help is appreciated.

The way to go for me has been to ask around to other real estate guys or park owners in the area or state who have reliable guys, and ask if they have any guys that do good work, and then go from there. I found 2 reliable guys (so far) this way.

Alternatively - you can try Craigslist/Facebook, but I’ve found the guys who advertise themselves aren’t busy enough (skilled enough, rater) to be busy, where as the guys who only rely on word of mouth have their rep on the line way more and do a better job.

Sometimes Tenants can do work here and there - I’ve had some Spanish tenants turn out well and they are happy to take on work for payment for their families.

Your mileage may vary…