Finding a Manager for a park

Any suggestions on how to find a good manager to manage a small mobile home park–100 spaces, 45 occupied? This is a town of about 10,000 population 35 miles from a metro area. I have tried a variety of sources–local ads, Craigslist…How do I find the going salary with this size of park as well?

Please always use the Search function at the top right of this website to look for answers. In this case, your question has been discussed at length in a post from 8 days ago titled ‘Compensation for Mobile Home Park On Site Manager.’

Please find that post and read it.

We typically find our managers from within the park. Look for the house in the best condition; that is likely someone responsible who cares and has pride of ownership. That said, CraigsList has also worked well for us a few times.

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My husband and I are looking for a management position. We have been in real estate for 17 years but have never managed an RV park before. We are fast learners. Would you consider someone inexperienced?


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This is a forum for MHP owners, not for job seekers.

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There is a spot on for people seeking jobs as managers, as well as park owners looking for managers. I am not sure where your located, but in general- we do not require our managers to have direct experience managing parks. We might be looking for other skills needed like computer skills, maintenance skills etc…