Financing new homes

I have two open spaces that I would like to place and sell new doublewides on. My issue is that I do not have the cash or line of credit in place for the upfront investment at this time.
How do other smaller operators fill lots in this way? Can you pre-sell a home, like a builder would in a condo development? Market would support a $130k or so sales price if it was set on a lot ready to move in.

Try to find a local MH dealer to put the home in there for you. Offer them some free rent to get them interested.

They will keep the profit on the home sale and you will have an occupied space with a brand new Doublewide. Win Win!


Thanks @SDGuy I saw your comment and spoke to one today— they won’t do it as a spec but have worked with other owners to pre-sell. Guess I just needed the obvious answer pointed out to me!


Spec homes or pre-sale homes whatever works.

I have found that clearing the lot, putting in a fence, keeping the lot looking nice, etc. Really helps the dealer sell the home. You can even put up a chain across the front of the space and a little sign that says " Your Dream home is waiting". Something to help potential buyers see themselves living in the empty space with a home on it.