Financial calculator

Anyone have any tips or materials on how to use a financial calcultor?..please excuse my ignorance on this matter

The easiest to read book I know covers all the financing functions that investors normaly use. The author is Lonnie Scruggs and the book is “Taking the mystery out of money” It is a great little book and available on this website I believe.

ou are right on Don. I just finished Lonnies book and there are lots of examples and shortcuts furnished in his book on how to use his favorite financial calculator.

Lonnie’s book is great in terms of explaining the concept of the time value of money. The easiest financial calculator I’ve found (I own a TI biz and HP 12C) is the one included with the Palm OS that runs on their PDAs and Treo. You input any 3 variables into a little table and solve for the 4th. Taking advantage of its large screen, it’ll even display an amortization table. It is extremely intuitive, no manual necessary.

I use the calculator functionality on my Treo even more than the phone. For me, this single app makes it an iphone killer.


I would recomend Taking the Mystery out of Money and a HP12c and follow along with Lonnie’s instruction.

I have been selling MH for 18 years, During the Greentree, AHFS, ect. ect. days I would use my computer to figure payments, and I continued in this manner, I never learned to use a financial calculator, I thought it a relic until about 6 months ago. I can say without any reservation that having that little calculator in my pocket while showing houses to customers has greatly improved my selling, and I won’t work without one in the future.


Gotta defend iPhone here given that last comment.

Apple is releasing their software developers kit this month so the geek crowed can write applications for the iPhone (no internet connection required).

I’ll definitely be adding a financial calculator very shortly.

Bye, bye Treo. :slight_smile:

No doubt a very slick financial calculator app could be written for the iphone. While they’re at it, perhaps they can also match the Treo’s voice recorder, camcorder, and MS office compatible document handler…


iPhone already supports viewing MS documents (edit functionality isn’t there yet) and there are already a few hacker version of a camcorder application.

I suspect all 3 of your requests will come by the end of this year. If not, I’ll get right on it for you. :slight_smile:



It seems like apples to oranges. Daphne is talking about a tool. While you are talking about a toy. Not that the iPhone is a toy but you are talking about programing it and “hackers” and she wants it do to what she needs when she turns it on and does not want to wait till the end of the year and doesn’t have the time or interest to Program it. I do think Your knowledge would be a great presentation at a MOM for us less tech savy people. (namely me) I only use my camera phone to make and recieve phone calls!

Just being in the presence of a tech god, humbles me. Thanks Jered!