Filing for Water/Sewer Rate Increase?


Has everyone successfully and legally raised the Water/Sewer rate for your MHP? My MHP is located in Louisiana and the water/sewer rate is regulated by the State’s Public Utilities Commission. From their web site, it looks like it is a very lengthy process and requires a very detailed justification. The Commission can take as long as 12 months to reach their final decision.

I have a master meter for the park. Each lot is submetered and billed for their usage. Park is on city water and sewer. City has been increasing my rate every other year, but the rate I’m approved to charge my tenants has been same for many many years.

Louisiana’s Public Utilities Commission website doesn’t have any information on how exactly to apply for the increase other than that you have to send in an application which isn’t anywhere to be found on the website.

I thought I would query this forum and get educated first. I know each state may be different, but I would love to hear some feedback if any of you out there have encountered similar situation.

Thanks in advance.


There. Now the Commission can’t come after you, but you still get the money to cover the increase.