Fiber/cable company wants to install electric pole in park and run fiber

Anyone ever try to structure a lease for something like this? They want to install an electric pole with a mounted radio and run fiber through the park to city owned streets. Curious if anyone has come across similar situation. I’ve done rev share on cable before but nothing like this.


It’s not unusual for utility suppliers to offer low compensation for utility easements. If there is already one in this corridor, or if they are adding better services for your tenants, it’s less of a concern. But know that park owners typically can’t place streets or homes over utility easements. Once you give that up, you give up partial control of the land.


Utility lines go under roads all the time. Only gas lines arent allowed under MH’s here.

Our park signed a multi-year contract with Spectrum where they covered the costs to bring hi-speed coax cable to 170 homes (probably cost them $300k) and all we had to do was promise to pay for minimum service for the contract duration.

It was a big benefit to us since all we had before was slow (5 MBPS) DSL from AT&T. Now we all get 50 MBPS cable internet and it is the same price as the AT&T (actually cheaper when you include the Spectrum cable TV and subtract the AT&T DISH).

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