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I am looking to price out the expense to put a Vinyl 3 rail fence along the road frontage of a park and signage along the lines of what frank & Dave use. I am getting quotes that seem a bit high. Does anyone have an idea of what I should be paying for the fencing and sign or any other suggestions?

Thanks - Tim

What climate zone are you in and do you have high winds?


Wheat Hill

It is Hot and Dry Climate zone. Tucson AZ

How many feet of fencing are you trying to obtain? Fencing is not hard to do, mostly materials cost involved, some labor. Check local stores for materials costs and compare.

OK. The reason I was asking is due to the fact that climate conditions dictate what type of sign material you need and how deep to set posts in the ground. I absolutely have to use heavy aluminum with a vinyl overlay in order for my signs to stand up to the weather here and all posts have to be down at lease 3’. You don’t have to worry about such matters. UV damage is probably a bigger concern for you. I recommend you talk to at least a couple of sign companies and ask about what materials will hold up best to your hot sun. I’m familiar with Tucson after briefly owning a park there.

As far as fencing is concerned, put it in yourself and save some serious money. It’s not hard to do once you get the hang of it. Just don’t begin your efforts in a place where everyone will see your initial attempts.

One thing regarding fencing is to never buy from Lowe’s or HD. The material is pure c**p. Buy directly from a real fence supplier and you’ll get thicker material with better UV protection. Buy enough and you’ll get contractor prices and delivery and good tips on how to install it. Whenever I do a big project like this for myself or my clients, I find I can almost always beat those “low everyday prices” lies and get better materials at the same time. Lots of cheap labor in that town and you might even find workers who have installed this type of fencing in the past.


Wheat Hill


Has anyone ordered the 3 rail white vinyl fence recently? Any suggestions on where to order and the time it takes to install the fence?

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@DallasMHP , as per your post:

  • “Has anyone ordered the 3 rail, white, vinyl fence recently?”

Actually, we are hopefully going to install one this Thursday.

Our Contractor is purchasing the material.

Our Lowes requires you to pre-order the material (not in stock).

We wish you the very best!

A double sided vinyl sign from local sign company recently cost me $700, including set up and delivery with posts installed in ground. Make sure your phone number is on the sign.
I am going through due diligence on a property with 20 vacant park owned homes and there is no phone number on the sign for the park and no advertising there are homes available.
Many mobile home parks are like this.