FEMA Update


My partner (Fred) contacted FEMA a few months ago about possibly placing homes in a park we own in South Georgia. He has received absolutely no response from them.

I think they are focusing on Florida, Texas and Louisiana right now, but we’ll keep you updated if we here anything else.


We have been contacted by FEMA several times within the last month about our parks in Shreveport, LA and Texas. The FEMA folks are real hot and cold. One day they want to stike up a deal and the next day you don’t hear anything from them. I have spoken to other MH owners that have solidified contracts with FEMA and contacted their FEMA representative to arrange a similar agreement with our MH parks… but no luck. It seems as if each FEMA, FLUOR, or any other representative from FEMA is like an island and only gets information from the powers to be on a need to know basis.