FEMA is selling trailers

Here is more information…



Are these travel trailers or mobile homes? I was under the impression they were all small trailers.

I am not really sure. The article came out today on the newswire.

Thanks for the info. Do you know the auction website? The one on yahoo is not working. Thanks

Unfortunately I don’t have any more details. It was an interesting article that I read yesterday.

The web site they gave was http://gsaauctions.gov/

I have been able to get thru sometimes but it does not seem to be working very well.

I have been using this site for months. They auction many rv’s and mobile homes each month. Generally the bulk of them are located in Florida, sometimes in Mississippi or Mobile, Alabama. There are several now appearing in Arkansas, mostly rv’s.

The pricing can be deceiving early in the bidding, but when it reaches the last day and last hour, the numbers usually change dramatically. It just depends on what is a good deal for you and your situation.

Thanks Barry, I got it to work by just doing gsaauctions.gov

Has anyone seen mobile homes on there? I am only finding camper Trailers.


I saw mobile homes at Port St. Lucie, FL. Of course too far for me to move them!

I typed in the search Mobile Homes and a bunch of travel trailer campers come up. What did you type in? Thanks

I looked just under Florida because I live in Alabama. I noticed that some of the listings were for Southerns, Cavaliers, Waverlees, etc. I checked on them and mobile homes popped up, but every one that I looked at was in Port St. Lucie FL. Only 600 miles away from me.

What is needed to turn this event into an opportunity we all can take advantage of?