FEMA homes

Does anyone have the real scoop on FEMA homes and formildehyde poisioning? Is there a real problem with them or was it media hype? I just ran across a seller in south Florida who bought several new 2006 but due to county permitting problems he can’t enlarge his park so he’s selling the homes. I’m just concerned because he said they were FEMA.

Thanks for your input.

They were independently tested by outside envirommental companies so who knows about the hype. You can Google FEMA trailers and get just about every report imaginable on the trailers. Good Luck

I did not look into the FEMA trailers much but from what I did see and read they problems were coming from the FEMA trailers that were the RV style trailers you pull behind your car. I do not know if they also had these same problems with the mobile homes.

As I recall they did buy mobile homes by the hundreds but they sat empty out of state because the homes they bought did not meet the zoning and other wind type ratings for the areas hardest hit by the storms.

Again, I could totally be wrong as I only glanced at it some time ago. I mention this only as it may lead you to some more detailed questions to research.

Let us know what you find out.


All new manufactured homes being offered for sale are required to post a formaldihyde warning (someone may be alergic ect.), this has been required since the early 90’s. As I understand it, these warning labels that are required by HUD were the reason for the “we can’t use em” idea…mind you, if any one ever enters a room with new carpet, they too face the same risk. GSA began to offer these units for sale 18 months ago and quickly withdrew them from the market - they were giving refund instructions to those who had bought (as an aside, I was impressed by the prices the homes brought - $16-20k). The Mobile Homes that were built to gov’t specs are 14x60 3br -1 bath vinyl/shingle - not too desirable. There were however at the onset of the situation a bunch of MH’s that were bought out of dealer inventory that are more useful. These Mobile Homes and RV’s are stored in 3 or 4 locations.


How many homes does the seller have and what is he asking?

Thanks - Greg

I think he has about 20 of them. 2004, 2005, 2006. Some 2/1, mostly 3/1. He’s emailing me a inventory. I can forward it to you if you would like.

Thanks Joan, that would be great.

Greg, I have the inventory/price list. If you send me your email address I will forward it to you. jswasky@bellsouth.net.