Feather Flag Ideas

Getting ready to order 3-4 feather flags for the front of my park. I want to get across the rent credit concept in 2-3 words.

Any ideas? Any suggestions as to where to get them?

Here’s the thing. I know rent to own is a violation of current law. But it’s the PRACTICE of rent to own, not the term “rent to own” that is illegal, right?

I mean if I have a sign that says “rent to own” but actually have and use the rent credit contract and forms, I can’t see how I’ve broken any laws - am I missing something?

Or does anyone have a better term that will fit on a feather flag?

Any ideas are appreciated.

I personally would question the effectiveness of those flags.

But aside from that here are maybe some slogans to consider.

(Also im not sure if you will be selling out for cash also, so that would have a bearing so you aren’t doing anything bait and switch style)

Path to Own
Rent as low as 350$ (or whatever your lot rent assuming the person can buy the home outright)
Be a Homewoner
Be an Owner
Stop Renting Today (more directed for someone renting an apartment)
Own Your Own Home

I am more brainstorming out loud to give you some suggestions depending on what your particular strategy is . I would check into the legality of these based on whatever your specific plan / goals are.

Good luck

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Found a place online for $50 a flag. Some good thoughts there, thanks.

Flags are a great idea. We use them liberally, and are adding more all the time. They bring attention to your property from drive-by customers – and those are some of the best. But it’s not the wording on the flags that matters – in our opinion – but simply the bright colors and movement. You can find a bunch of stock flags that apartments use that say “Now Leasing” and “Open” and phrases like that and all Americans know that it means you are in a leasing mode and wanting their business.

Be sure to make sure that flags are allowed at your park under city sign laws. We have been forced to remove some flags in the past because the city inspector red tags them. You’re probably not going to want to go to court to sue to get flags, so know the law up front and stick with it.

Great point about checking with the city. I assumed they were permitted as a number of businesses in the area are already using them.

Flags are a very gray area in most city’s sign laws. U.S. and state flags are exempt from all sign laws. Property flags are sometimes not even mentioned in the code, and fall down to the individual opinion of the inspector as to what’s appropriate. While we are willing to litigate to protect our rights under grandfathering, you have to pick your battles wisely, and we are not going to burn our bridge with the city over a flag or two. It’s been our experience that, in 99% of cities and towns, moderation and common sense is the key to such items. Use attractive colors and don’t install too many and you’re probably fine. But I’d get permission first, as this is not an important enough issue to cause feelings of mistrust.

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@Deleted_User_ME gave some good ideas on slogans you can use. However, it would still be better to consult someone professional in terms of the legality of the words.

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