Favorite MHP Lenders in Colorado Springs / Denver?

Anyone have a bank or lender they’d suggest for a loan of 800-900k (1.1 purchase price) in Colorado Springs or Denver areas? I’m heading out to connect with some lenders and looking for places that folks have found good leverage / good rates with. Any success finding 75% LTV for loans that size?

Thanks everyone-

I’d be interested to talk with your “Program 1” lender about the park I’m buying now. Would you be able to share their name and phone? Thanks so much!

Hi Robert,
Is it ok if I do a 3-way call?

Hi Robert,
Not sure you saw my reply done last week.
Let me know if you are interested in a 3-way call.
Be well, Ana

Hi Robert,
Yes if the loan amount you need for the MHP park is at least $1MM
program 1 is the one to consider.
My lender can talk to you once you are ready. Let me know.