Facebook taking down posts

Has anyone experienced issues with Facebook flagging ads on marketplace and taking them down? Anyone have a work around? So many people look at Facebook marketplace, so it would be nice to have ads there. Maybe a service or a VA that posts to Facebook and has figured out how not to have ads taken down?

I have had that happen myself this past week and friend of mine did as well. They blocked my ability to buy and sell on marketplace and it was my main source for end buyers.

You can make new accounts but they may flag them as well. Not pages but accounts and try that, also make sure your ads have just the facts and are not selling any other services like management or coaching, etc.

I never go against TOS on facebook so this was a shocker, only the facts, simple, easy ads, with photos. I tried appealing it amd it didn’t work.

Only thing that works sort of is manually posting in pages you have joined for local markets to where your homes are for sale.

My PM is having the same issue. Oddly enough, I gave him my FB to use and he’s had no issues. I don’t know if its because I have such a long track record (6 yrs of MHs on Marketplace) or what.

We also blast every ad to the 20 groups that you’re allowed to shoot it out to. Our hypothesis is that the groups can report you and that is what does it but have no proof of that other than he mistakenly blasted an ad to a realtor group and I’m not a member of any.

We’ve been having a lot of luck on Zillow. The responses volume is substantially less but the leads are MUCH more qualified.

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Hey Jake - good info in your post. Can you say more about the logistics of how you do your Zillow stuff? Do you have a real estate agent posting on your or can you post yourself in a for sale by owner sort of way? Any general outline of what you are doing would be helpful… I’d like to try this approach. Thanks.

Anybody can list on zillow - you don’t have to be a realtor or anything. We actually list everything as rentals. Our industry sells payment. For example, we might list a new singlewide in our community for rent at $1500/mo and in the ad we give the criteria for financing. I’ve linked one of our current zillow ads for you to look at. Don’t overcomplicate it, just work backwards off home sale price, lot rent, and estimated escrows to come up with the rent number we put on the ad.

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Facebook banned me a few years ago for posting RVs for sale.
I violated their terms of service because I rarely use FB for personal stuff. I was using their site for work. That’s a no, no.