Facebook Marketplace issues

I’ve been posting a rental ad to Facebook Marketplace for the past year without issue. Now when I post it, I am getting banned from Marketplace for going against their “Community Guidelines”. The ad is a standard rent-to-own ad.

Has anyone else had any issues like this recently??

Yes,same issue, when u figure it out lemme know.

What I do know, is that three strikes and you’re out and you will never again be able to access FB marketplace with your FB account. So if they flag one of your ads, even if you have them review it and you get to keep the ad posted, if you leave it up, they’ll flag you again and it will go towards your three strikes.

I’ve been talking to others and it seems if you post an ad multiple times with the same language in different geographical areas, it might trip up the algorithm to think you’re a spam bot.

If you post to several groups in an area, and then it will give you a blue box option to “post to marketplace” you can click on that it will post it to marketplace on your behalf, and it doesn’t seem that it trips up the algorithm that way, but I also think it might decrease the amount of exposure that way and you lose the ability to fill out all the property details so I’m not sure exactly how the ad is displayed. Still trying to iron some of the details out to crack this code.

For now, I’ve ordered a prepaid burner phone to use just for FB marketplace since I can no longer access it. Such a mess!

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Same here - I heard if you get a FB Business account, you can get a real live person to talk to. So I did that.
I also had 3 Yardsale pages (over 200,000 people) deleted by the FB Nazis as well.
FB sucks - period. Unfortunately, that’s where our people are.

to add to this thought…
I just sent this to our office manager:

And I am a bit out of my mind with marketing —

1 - Zillow took our Coming Soon away - that was huge for us.

2 - FB blocked my Marketplace (I assume they think I was selling animals = cattle farm, horse farm) (which is also a blessing, I was answering 30-40 texts a day with very little results, but it at least made me feel like someone was interested in what I had —— a bad trap to fall into.

3 - No property manager to manage these projects - no one is at the helm of getting these projects done - so 5 months alter, we are still not 100% photo ready (costing us a FORTUNE)

4 - then LBAR made us take the MHs off of the MLS - which was populating Zillow - and we had sales directly from these listings - now gone.

5 - now Zillow allows rentals to be posted - even Rent To Own, but then I guess it thinks because of price or size, it is listing them as Apartments. $10/week per property — and you guessed it, 0 views, 0 calls, but charging. and of course, they know that.

6 - to add insult to injury, Zillow says to me, ‘hey, as a landlord, do you just want to sell this house?’ - click here for a Zillow Team member (yes, you guessed it - not our brokerage - which we pay $2,000/mo for to be a Premiere Agent).

We MUST not fund this 800 gorilla that is trying to drown us.

7 - I simply can not handle the sales calls too - I need a bi-lingual sales person.

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Ouch! If you don’t mind me asking, how much does it cost to list one MH on MLS/zillow? What about FB marketplace cost?

Does anyone have any better ways to advertise in the midwest?

no cost on FB MP - Zillow Rentals are $10/week – and they are not playing the ad for some reason.
AND, Zillow viewers need to be clicked on FOR RENT to see it. not something Zillow is known for.

Zillow is almost totally irrelevant now that they started charging $10/ad/month. Everyone took their properties off it and now there are so few left to search, it has very minimal value to home rental searchers and very few are using it now as a result. The exception being if you are in a highly populated urban area. It’s a shame really because we used to get such good quality leads from there. FB is the only real game in town now, but you have to weed through a massive field of tire-kickers.

Does anyone ever have any luck with craigslist? Same issues with the massive field of tire-kickers I’d imagine…

My experience with CL is that it produces very good leads, but just not that many. I have a home I listed on FB marketplace and CL. Had over 300 inquiries on FB marketplace over 2.5 weeks and 12 showings but not a single app. Had 2 inquiries on CL during that same period and both applied, both looked solid, and both were approved. We picked the best of the 2 and sold the home. There was a 10 day stretch of the 2.5 weeks where we didn’t have a single CL inquiry though.